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A Review of Smartbrow Eyebrow Filler

*After several months of use, I decided to give this post an update on 1/8/14. Also, check out our post on application tips here.

Smartbrow Eyebrow Filler by SmartFX – $29.95

I did it.  I actually clicked on a sponsored Facebook post and bought something. The product–Smartbrow Eyebrow Filler. Will this be the product that actually restores my sad, sparse brows back to their pre “plucked to the point of no return as a teenager” glory? I had to find out.

Smartbrow pic

picture sourced from the Dermstore Facebook page

First off, this product is offered by the website, an online sknicare and beauty product shop.  DermStore is one of three in a group of health and beauty sites, which also includes (makeup), and (you guessed it, hair!). All products from the three stores go into one cart for easy checkout. But I digress, back to the product that got me to purchase something from DermStore in the first place.

An quick introduction to my eyebrows. The inner halves of my eyebrows are great!  Full, tame (mostly), and don’t give me any grief. The outer halves of my eyebrows are a completely different story.  Thin, sparse, and just sad.  I achieved this abomination by over plucking in my youth, an underactive thyroid, and by falling during sleepwalking once when I was about 9, which gave me a scar in one of my eyebrows that created a scar that has since refused to grow hair.  The full brow odds are stacked against me.  So how did Smartbrow work for me?

SB Before & After

After months of use, I’ve come to the conclusion that the product isn’t my preferred daily choice for filling in my brows. I don’t know how the heck they were able to achieve the soft, fuzzy look that the model’s brows have in the Facebook photo at the top of the post. Honestly, I think it’s because she actually has full eyebrows to begin with, and doesn’t even necessarily need a filler.

The product can be a bit of a pain to apply. You start with the thin wand tip applicator to create short brushstrokes of color in you barest areas. Sounds easy enough, but I think getting this technique down is one of the keys to making this product look more natural. Next, you apply more filler with a brush throughout your entire eyebrow. This really darkens the entire brow, and if you’re not careful, you easily end up with the gel off your eyebrow and on surrounding skin.

One of the claims of Smartbrow is that these brows will stay on even through swimming or showering. This is true, and this is where the product excels. Of course, if you were to wash your face in the shower, or wipe your eye area off firmly with a towel post shower, you’d loose the brows. But if you don’t wash your face (say it’s a quick shower to just wash your body off), and you pat your face dry, your brows will still be intact. Last summer I went swimming for  few hours at a local lake, and afterwards I still had my brows, though they were a bit lighter than when I originally applied them. Still, I was pretty impressed that I still had brows on my face when I looked in the visor mirror once back in my car.

They also stood the test of a hard, sweaty workout, as you can see in this followup review I did.

Smartbrow eyes

The product comes with a cleanser, that is easy to apply, and takes the product right off. It’s really nice to have if you either make a mess of things, or just decide that it looks to heavy and it’s not the day to be wearing the product.  I’ve also discovered that Yes To Carrots Facial Cream Cleanser takes this product right off as well.

So would I recommend this product? Yes. For all the times you want to guarantee that your brows stay put, it’s a must. But for daily wear, you might find you want to stick to your current routine. If you give it a try, swing on back by and share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

Check out our latest Smartbrow post on application tips.

Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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  • Nancy Smith

    Have you continued to use this product, if so how is it working?

  • Sarah

    Nancy, I am still using this product, and I will continue to do so. I don’t use it every single day, but when I want my brows to last, this is my go to. It does not come off until you wash your face with cleanser, so it stays put morning to night. The other pencil I use tends to fade some by the end of the day. Not Smartbrow. It’s definitely a product I’d recommend for anyone’s makeup bag!

  • helleosquish

    I think your second application picture looked good. Could it be you are not used to brows, that you are not pleased with product? I over pluck and had chemo several years ago. I am looking for a product that works without looking harsh.
    Can you give an update and recommendation. Right now I use a marker type product, it’s ok. Also I’ve used BareMinerals, it is my go to product, but looking for something more natural.

  • Sarah

    hellosquish, I do think part of it was that I was not used to really dark brows. I was used to my sparse brows, and using a cheap pencil to try and fill in, without lasting results. I would totally recommend this product now. I do have another pencil that I uses some days, but this product REALLY lasts. That’s what I love about it. It stays put the entire day. And as far as looking natural, unless you have someone within a few inches of your face scrutinizing your eyebrows, I don’t think anyone would think they look unnatural. I plan on doing a final review in December. Thanks for reading!

  • TheWhiteLilyBlog

    You have beautiful eyes.

  • Mary Smith

    I just purchased the smart brow. I have very sparse brows and the last
    half of the brow is non existant. I tried to use this a couple of times
    and made a mess of it. I tried to line the brow first and then use the
    brush to fill in and I looked like a clown. It is really messy and hard
    to get it right. I think you have to have brows first of all to use it.
    I’m going to return it and continue to use brow powder with the brow
    brush I get from the beauty supply. It’s much quicker, fills in well and
    looks more natural.I don’t have the time to spend trying to get this right each time I try to use it.

  • Sarah

    Mary, I totally understand. I had a hard time with the product when I first started using it as well. I have to say a trick for me was to get a lot of the gel off the applicator wand and brush, kind of like when you polish your nails and you have to get polish off the brush. The product can go on really thick, and you’re right, it can look clownish if you get too much of the gel on your brows. I’m glad I figured out my best way to apply it, because man does it stay put. I have other products I still use as well if I’m in a hurry, because you can’t really rush through Smartbrow!

  • Sharon

    Day 2 still trying to get it right. Didn’t know there were 2 sides till I read the directions. had to use a wrench to open the other end. my eyebrows are very curly with gray hairs. overplucked, to say the least. Thought I would try smartbrow. first time I thought it looked weird, because they looked so dark, but my daughter couldn’t tell what the difference till I told her.
    Good advice to wipe the brush before you use it. I think my brows look great. Just think I am not used to seeing them dark and obvious.

  • Lana Cupelli

    I dont see how this stuff is any different than plain old mascara, which i have used successfully on my brows for years. Why pay $60 when I can pay 7 for the same results?

  • Kathy


  • cbs

    She stated midway through – “After months of use…”

  • Sarah

    Lana, the difference might be in the gel you paint on before you use the mascara side. The gel you paint on, like mentioned in the post, really stays on until you actively wash it off. I totally agree on the mascara part, if you have decent brows. But the actual gel you paint on your brow-line is very different from filling in with a pencil and then applying mascara. But therein lies one of the problems with Smartbrow, it can be hard to make that gel look natural.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Sue

    thanks Mary. You helped me make my final decision. I will stick with Ulta.

  • Minda

    Sarah, Can you tell me what color you used in the pictures you took of yourself. Are there many choices in colors?

  • Sarah

    Minda, I used “brunette”. There are three choices of color: blonde, brunette, and black/brown. You can click on the product link at the top of this page to be redirected to, which sells the product and will list the colors for you. If you try it, please stop back by and let us know how it worked out for you!

  • Huck709

    I think it sucks that they raised the price so much and now it comes in half the size as originally packaged. I liked it at first but I went back to power! I have plenty of brow but have a bit of gray that I like to cover. My hairdresser does color them when I have my hair colored.

  • Sarah

    Huck709, I’m still seeing it for $29.95 at Did it used to be cheaper than that? I’m still working on a tube I got a few months back. Bummer if the size truly did change!

  • Vanessa Moss

    Thank you so much for your blog on this and the comments below. I had been wanting to try this product but was skeptical. I wanted someone’s input who had no paid ulterior motive to recommend this item. One day, I got “tweezer happy” and overzealously plucked my beautiful, full brows into thin McDonald’s arches. I bought double lash and brown serum to help the growth but woukd love a good product like this one while I wait. Thank you again. …this is the kind of input I was looking for!

  • Sarah

    Venessa, happy to be of help! I think this product will serve you well while you wait for your brows to grow back. :) It stays put! Thanks for reading this post.

  • Michelle

    I bought this product and at first couldn’t get it to look natural. I found my secret was to take the old fashioned eyebrow comb and apply the color from either end of the smartbrow wand and apply it with that. That way there is no waste of the product and you can control how dark you make your brows. Occasionally I do need to clean the comb with either the remover they send or baby oil works also

  • Sarah

    Great tip, thanks for sharing it!

  • Kathryn Orris

    Your experience was very similar to mine! I too clicked on a FB ad out of desperation. I’m 61 and also have a scar (from falling down the basement stairs as a child), plus like many, I’d over-plucked. Previously I’d been using powders, pencils and a pen, but wasn’t happy with the results. With SmartBrow, my brows are the most natural they’ve looked in 30 years. I also use brunette. The secret is to use a VERY light touch, especially with the wand. I don’t use the cleanser at all. Love how the product wears; I leave it on all night and just wash it off in the shower next morning. I bought the product on for $24.95 and had absolutely no problems. They consistently email me with more promos. However, those promo codes never seem to work, and I sometimes I can’t even maneuver the site, so I don’t trust it anymore. But I really like SmartBrow so I’m willing to pay more on, just for the reliability.

  • Sarah

    Kathryn, I agree, a light tough is a must! So glad you’ve finally found success with a product. Thanks for your comment!

  • EJGinWNC

    Latisse, the eyelash grower, did a great job for growing my eyebrows too.

  • Karen Criner

    Why not color your brows yourself. I do it all the time. (Carefully). Easy to do. I use a permanent color that covers gray. Make a tiny cup with tin foil. Measure 1/8 tsp of color and then 1/8 tsp of developer and mix. Use a Q Tip to mix and place on brows. Leave on the recommended time. Now, this is the hard part…Taking it off without getting the color in your eyes and/or running down your face. Stand over bathroom sink. Use index finger and slightly wet (shake it off). Smooth over (one brow at a time) and rinse off. Repeat this several times. Then do the other brow. Keep a paper towel handy for any drips.I use Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color.. I place a small piece of aluminum foil on the developer and store everything back in the box. Will last a long, long time.

  • Lorrie Aydell Fisk

    I’m possibly interested in this product being (nearly) 49 and brunette. In the 80’s my eyebrows used to look like Brooke they are so thin, even though the hair on my head is super thick. I currently use Jane Iredale Bitty Brow kit and have had good success with it…it’s about the same price. do you know if it compares?

  • Kathy

    Hi thanks for all the feedback. I actually use a MAC eyeshadow powder that works AWESOME for filling in and stays put until I wash, survives workouts (but I do not sweat much) and sleep however what it is not great at is total fill in areas, I have a “bald spot” and it does not work well there and def does not stay in place on bare skin. Any suggestions for a product that is simple/consistent?

  • karen

    With other products, I have made the mistake of buying the color I think looks right, but it seems to always go on much darker than I expected. Since I don’t want to look like one of those ladies with the blue hair and the dark clown-like painted on brows, I am thinking of trying the blonde instead of the brunette, which would be my first inclination to purchase. Anyone have any experience with trying the different shades?

  • Sweetrandi

    Thanks for your review. I am a bit older than you & no one told me my eyebrows, eyelashes & hair would thin. I use Anastasia powder &A Mascara Wand of clear gel I put over it. It’s Not Natural but it’s better than none. I’ll respect your opinion for now. Thank you again.

  • Holly Bibble

    I use something even simpler than that! Just For Men Moustache & Beard color comes in little, reusable tubes, and I apply it with a tiny paintbrush. Leave it on 10 minutes, and voila! You can repeat every couple of weeks.

  • reneeroseholland

    The first thing I noticed that I hated about this product (before even thinking of trying it) was the colours. Most brunettes (very dark hair) do not have Brown brows whether sparse or not. We have a very taupe/neutral floor……almost like a charcoal. This product needed a taupe. Most taupe suit everyone. I too, over-plucked in high school. Macs pencil in “stud” is the BEST for dark brunettes.

  • MaijaBE

    Wow, Holly. That is a very interesting suggestion.

  • Haley
  • Linda G.

    I totally agree.
    Macs eyebrow pencil is the best! I use spiked and it matches well and stays on all day.
    Looks very natural, and no sticky mess.

  • Donna

    I also use Just For Men every few days and apply color when doing root touch up ( and wasn’t that a great invention) then every six weeks when I I refresh color all over. I get them waxed every two months and every time I do I am amazed at how ok I thought they looked til they were waxed and how really good they look after waxing but too frequently equals skin getting too thin and then you bleed and have to heal up your torn eyelids. Coloring w the above products is quick, thorough and cheap.

  • Betty Lee Harvie

    I haven’t tried SmartBrow yet, the fiber part seems appealing to me. Also waterproof, I swim a lot and have to reapply. Meanwhile, I Love Lancome Brow Expert, it makes me look like I have real brows. It comes in several colors, taupe seems best for me. I’ve purchased it for at least 10 years and can’t find anything better. It goes on just like mascara but not as glumpy. It is very easy for me to control- I can’t control pencil well. I buy 2 at a time two or three times a year, usually at Lancôme’s get a gift sale at department stores. I’ve tried Talika Eyebrow Extender

  • Hazel

    Hi, I just came across this blog, and it’s great! But, I decided not to buy this product because it looks wet and I hate having wet eyeliner or eyebrows.

    I have sparse eyebrows from over plucking, age (I’m 56) and I also have a scar on the top of one eyebrow. I have to add some color and texture to those areas to cover the fact that my eyebrows have thinned and gone white in spots (like my eyelashes!) It’s very annoying. So, I want to share the product that I use now and love. It’s Anastasia Brow Wiz. It comes in 6 colors to match everyone and it does a great job. It’s fast and easy and even I can do it.

    I had it on the other night when I washed my hair and then went to take off my makeup – and my brows were still PERFECT! I’m brunette, but color my hair more auburn, so I started with the brunette color but felt it was a little dark. So now I’m using the brown and I think it’s a little more natural. Anyway, I wanted to share since my product seems a lot easier and fills better than this one. It’s also a lot less expensive ($21 at Ulta). Take care.

  • Desiree

    I’m also 56 and have thinning brows from over plucking as a teenager. How is the Anastasia Brow Wiz applied? Does it fill in the bare spots and still look natural?

  • Hazel

    Hi Desiree
    The brow wiz is a creamy pencil which goes on easily and then it dries to a waterproof finish. It’s not really “wet” though. You just draw light feather strokes on your eyebrows and then add whatever you want to it on your skin. It still looks natural. I can now do it in just a couple of minutes too. I’ll add a picture so you can see.
    Hope this helps! :-)

  • ArielSue2

    Hi, My eyebrow story is identical to yours (over-plucking as a teenager). You mentioned there were a couple other brow products you liked…… what are they & where do you get them? Thnx

  • Sweetrandi

    That is what I uses. I use the anastasia eye shadow & like my brows much more without the co,lord gel or the gel on top. I’m happy with just the eyeshadow.

  • Jackie Clonan

    Sorry Sarah but you obviously aren’t a Good Wife fan………those are Julianna Marguiles’s eyes! And she has beautiful FULL brows to begin with! However, I agree with you, wasted product!

  • grammy Jean

    I found and use Benefit’s GIMME BROW everyday. No flaking, no smudge, comes off with soap and water. Gave to a friend who had no brows and she loves it. Everytime I see her she comments, I now have brows. Costs about 22.00 and seems very small amount, but it has lasted me for 6-7 months.