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I’m Dressing My Truth

Dressing one’s self can be hard.  I’m not talking about the act of just putting clothes on.  I’m talking about the types of clothes you put on. The cut, the color, the fabric.  There is so much out there to choose from, unless you have a really firm grasp on what works for you, then walking into a department store can be overwhelming.

A woman named Carol Tuttle wants to help you take the guess work out of getting dressed.  As a Master Energy Therapist (I know, kind of granola, but stick with me) she designed a program called Energy Profiling.  Based on the four elements of nitrogen (air), oxygen (water), hydrogen (fire), and carbon (earth), the program determines which element is dominant in your personality, and through study of the designs and actions that occur from these elements in our natural world, you can learn how to live a more harmonious life.  And yes, you can also refer to these elements to guide you in how to dress in order to honor your dominant element, or energy.  And double yes, it sounds hippy-dippy.  But, we are all made out of the same stuff, and more connected to our natural world than we tend to realize.  We ARE natural, for goodness sake!


Dressing Your Truth is a self help program for women that teaches you how to dress for your specific dominant energy type, which translates into a “Beauty Profile”.  In theory, by determining which beauty profile is yours from the four profiles available (they all tie back into the elements) you can learn how to dress exactly for your energy.  And in theory, you’ll never end up with another garment that just ends up hanging in your closet , never worn, and you’ll be showing your true self on the outside.

So, is it all a bunch of bull-poopy?  That’s what I am out to discover.  It’s not cheap to purchase the program.  Full retail on the program is $297.  But, special invites do pop up, and can bring the course price down to as low as $99.  You’ll get a book, online access to information on how to determine your beauty profile, a chroma (color) chart, that shows you exactly what colors you should be wearing to compliment your beauty profile, and lots of online video tutorials on everything from clothes and shoes to accessories and makeup/hair.  Over the next few weeks I’ll take an objective look at this program, and get honest feedback from a few women that have utilized this program.


Originally published on 10/19/12.

Author: Sarah

Foodie, amateur photographer, gardener, and health enthusiast. Sarah is always up for a girls night, a new friendship, and a hike with her husband and dog. She also loves to cuddle with her tripod cat, and sees no problem with sometimes being matchy-matchy with her wardrobe.

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