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Dressing Your Truth As A Type 2

Color card for Type 2

It’s now been almost one month since I started the Dressing Your Truth beauty profiling system. After learning about the four different beauty profile types, which correspond to four different types of elements contained within our bodies (I warned you this was hippy dippy in my original post), I am most assuredly a type 2; oxygen/water is my main energy.  How did I come to figure this out? The woman that created this entire system, Carol Tuttle, if nothing else is a very good observer of human nature. She is an energy therapist, and uses her knowledge about these matters to help people with issues from personal finance to parenting. Now when it comes to energy based self help people can get pretty skeptical. I’m one of them, although I’m also intrigued at the same time. I have to admit, a lot of the information presented in Dressing Your Truth actually makes sense.

For example, for Type 2′s it’s all in the details. Quick decisions are not comfortable, so we can be rather methodical in our thinking, gathering as much detail as we can before we can come to a decision. Comfort is key, personally and inter-personally, in all areas of our life. Type 2′s are great listeners, and have a calming effect on other people. Carol Tuttle, did you read my diary? Because of Type 2′s softer nature, the Dressing Your Truth recommendation is to dress… softer.  The color, or chroma palette, falls towards the grey’s, basically injecting any primary color with a tint of grey. Rather than pink, think mauve or dusty rose. Rather than blue, grey-blue. Mossy green. Periwinkle. Taupe. Funny thing, these are the colors I am naturally attracted to. A lot of my closet is already comprised of the Type 2 color scheme. Once you order the Dressing Your Truth profiling system for your type, a color card is sent to you with the colors you should shop for. You receive both a large card, and a purse size card that you can easily fit into a wallet.

There is also the comfort factor in the clothing. Soft materials, draping cuts, soft edges rather than sharp (like a rounded rather than pointy collar). Patterns should be subtle and blended, rather than bold and graphic. One of the toughest things about Dressing Your Truth is Black. We all use black as a crutch in our wardrobes. It’s slimming, right? Not according to Dressing Your Truth. Only one Type should be wearing black. This, according to the program, is because black is a still color. And actually the same goes for white. I was ready to call poppycock on this program when I came across that, but after thinking about it, I really don’t like black or white on me. I don’t wear either often. I used to wear more black when I worked a desk job that required corporate casual attire, which is usually rooted in black or khaki.

I’m still in the process of familiarizing myself with the Dressing Your Truth method, but one thing I can say, it makes shopping a whole lot easier if you stick to it. Knowing the colors, fabrics, cuts, and patterns that are “true to your nature” can save on those pesky post purchase regrets. But what if you are attracted to something that’s not part of your type’s recommendations? That would most likely be your secondary energy (all 4 energies are lurking within) wanting some attention, and that is addressed in the program. From clothes to jewelry, hair and makeup, it has you covered.

For your viewing pleasure, a type 2 makeover.



Any thoughts so far on the Dressing Your Truth Beauty Profiling system?  Leave em’ in the comments…

Originally published on 11/16/12.

Author: Sarah

Foodie, amateur photographer, gardener, and health enthusiast. Sarah is always up for a girls night, a new friendship, and a hike with her husband and dog. She also loves to cuddle with her tripod cat, and sees no problem with sometimes being matchy-matchy with her wardrobe.

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  • sherah kraan

    Great post! I recently started researching dyt and I ‘think’ I’m a type 2 so I was interested about what other type 2′s wear. I thought it was funny you mentioned your wardrobe was similar in color to the chroma card…mine too with the exception of about 7 items! :) lol even my pinterest style board appears to be somewhat type 2 inspired. I’m finding it hard to completely figure out which of the personality energies I am though…so confusing…must research more! :)LOL

  • Sarah

    I had a hard tie figuring it out at first as well. I’m fairly positive I’m a 2,3,1,4, and have pieces of clothing I wear from all 4 energy types. My dominant is definitely 2 though! Good luck in your quest. ;)

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