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Smartbrow Application Tips

So you’re giving Smartbrow a try? (Looking for a review? See here and here.) I’ve been using the product for a while now, and thought I’d pass along some application tips that I’ve learned from using Smartbrow.

First things first, hardly any applied eyebrow looks completely natural, especially if you have sparse brows to start with. Perhaps from afar it’s hard to tell, but once you get up-close to someone with applied brows, you can usually tell. So let go of the notion that Smartbrow is going to give you a totally natural looking filled in brow.

Smartbrow Application Tips on

But here’s the bright side, most people don’t care that women apply brows. You surely have a few girlfriends that give their brows a boost with some powder, a pencil, or gel, and they look great, right? It’s not uncommon for women to enhance their brows, so don’t worry if you fill your brows in and feel like they look a bit heavy at first. Give ¬†yourself time to get used to it.

BUT, one of the issues I had with Smartbrow is that it’s really easy to apply it too heavily. So here are a few tips to help you avoid that.

Keep The Gel Minimal

Smartbrow Gel Application tips on

There are two sides to each Smartbrow tube, one with a small applicator brush to draw in sparse areas, and the other side has a round brush like mascara. This side colors, thickens, and grooms the actual eyebrow hair.

When it comes to the small applicator brush side, less is more. When I first applied Smartbrow, I just pulled the brush out of the tube and started drawing. Whoa! It looked like way too much, and I knew it would be VERY obvious that my brows were drawn on. To avoid this, get a good amount of the gel off the small brush. Think of it like nail polish. Run the brush along the edge of the tube to get excess gel off the brush.

You can always put more gel on, but it’s a pain in the ass to have to take the gel off and start over (Smartbrow includes a removing gel).

Draw The Gel On With Short Strokes

Smartbrow Brushstroke /

Once you’ve got the desired amount of gel on the small brush, you need to start “drawing” it onto the sparser areas of your brow line. My brows are sparse on the outside, but pretty good on the inside, so I only really draw the gel onto the outer half of my brow. When doing this, it’s best to use short strokes, just like you would when sketching a picture.

Drawing one line across the brow line looks really harsh. But hey, some women actually like that look, so do what floats your boat. Just know that short, sporadic strokes will look more natural.

Use A Light Touch

Smartbrow Light Touch /

When it comes the the round brush side of Smartbrow, getting excess gel off the brush, like you did for the small brush applicator, is a good bet. Again, it’s easier to start with less and add more.

Also, when using the round brush, tread very lightly. Don’t press into your skin when running the brush through your brows. Otherwise you end up with Smartbrow outside your brow line, plus if you get too much on your skin under your brow hair your brows can turn out REALLY dark, much more so than you perhaps wanted.

Lastly, TAKE YOUR TIME! Smartbrow should not be applied hastily. It’s so much better to slow down with this product, than to apply it quickly, mess up, remove, and start over. This product isn’t like a pencil or powder that you can easily clean up with a q-tip and some spit (tried and true my friends).

If you’ve used Smartbrow and have some application tips, please share in the comments!

Author: Sarah

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