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Links We Love 03/07/14


This video from Lisa Eldridge shows a pretty all-occasion makeup tutorial that would work well on almost anyone:

Slashed Beauty brings us a review on a highly pigmented, and highly affordable liquid lip color in the Pantone color of the year.

Here are a few great reminders on how to care for and make up your lashes to keep them looking good from

Nom Nom

Despite my reluctance to jumping on the chia seed train, this recipe for healthy and sweet chia pudding looks kinda good.

Man-pleasing chicken dinner!

We’re not ones to suggest loading up on sugar at breakfast, but how delicious and pretty are these Birthday Cake Pancakes from Seeded At The Table?

Birthday Cake Pancakes from Seeded At The Table


Sally is taking inspiration from stylist Elisa Nalin who loves color, color, color. Some great style inspiration in these pictures.

John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, was spotted at an Oscar party carrying a $40 clutch. Yes, yes, yes. Great style doesn’t have to be expensive.

Loving this neutral ensemble from blogger Jessica Kane. It looks so comfy, yet is very fashion forward. That’s the best of both worlds!


Even the cops are having a good time at Mardi Gras.

Beautiful tablescapes using vintage fabrics and china, on Honestly WTF.

HWF Tablescapes

Some very doable, practical pieces of advice in this post from Refinery29 on how to save money. The article points out that cutting out many little things is going to make the biggest difference: “Maybe your gym and Netflix keep you healthy and sane, but do you really need those three beauty subscription box brands as well as that premium radio membership when you only listen to BeyoncĂ©?”

Sarah and I both got our dogs from rescue/shelter organizations. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting rather than buying from a breeder or pet store. One photographer is trying to convince people to do just that with his audio/visual project where he photographs people with their shelter dogs, and interviews them about their experiences. Pretty moving.

Still loving this charming blog Run Eat Repeat. Here the blogger talks about what she eats in preparation for marathon running. I have no plans to run a marathon but she’s just so funny and engaging, I’d read anything she posted.

Author: Beth

Writer, blogger, basset-hound walker. Beth is a connoisseur of nachos and holiday films. She loves books, sidecars, costume jewelry, and people with a quirky sense of humor.

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