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Easter Recipes and Decor Ideas

Easter is this coming Sunday. Whether you’re hosting a big group of family or friends at your house, or it’s just you and your spouse, we have a small round-up of fun decorating and food ideas to make your job easier. Enjoy!


Nom Nom

Check out these recommendations for rose wine, if you’ll be serving libations at your Easter celebration. I think the pink accent would look so pretty on the table.

A fresh fruit bunny head on a platter (from Worth Pinning) is a nice departure from Cadbury cream eggs and jelly beans:

Fruit Platter Easter

This winter I made this brunch egg bake for a big crowd, and it was a hit. It made a lot of portions and was very filling. You can easily make it vegetarian by removing the ham, and you can add more veggies (zucchini, kale) if you want to pump up the nutritional content.

Deviled eggs are a classic dish for passing at brunch or holidays. How about a new spin on the old favorite? Smitten Kitchen adds asparagus:


And if you’re making a traditional Easter ham, The Pioneer Woman has you covered. Her secret recipe includes scoring the ham and using a can of Dr. Pepper for the glaze. Mmmm. (Also, if you have leftovers, check out this idea for an Easter Leftover Sandwich. Yummy!)



Print out a bunny bag template here. Iron onto a small bag, add a fluffy pom pom for a tail, and fill the bag with goodies for your favorite kid.

These bunny napkin rings from Design, Dining and Diapers require burlap, a toilet paper roll, and white pom poms. Easy and cheap to make:


Another napkin idea are these stamped ones from Attic Lace which would be so easy to personalize (and to reuse year after year):


This dyed egg display would work well as a centerpiece or decor for Easter, but you could leave it up through the rest of spring, too.

For those with more sophisticated tastes, these gold leaf eggs (with just a hint of color peeking through) from Little Inspiration are really beautiful:


Happy Holidays!

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