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Tree Inspired Fashion

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With Earth Day just behind us, and Arbor Day for several states taking place tomorrow, we thought we’d take a look at some tree inspired fashion. But first, a few fun facts about these amazing organisms we share our planet with…

  • Some trees “talk” to each other though chemical processes in their leaves. Real life Ents!
  • Trees are the longest living organism on our planet.
  • There are over 23,000 different kinds of trees in the world.
  • One large tree can supply up to a day’s worth of oxygen for four people.
  • One large tree can uptake 100 gallons of water from the ground and expel it into the air in one day.
  • The tallest tree in the US is over 2,000 years old!
  • And the world’s oldest tree, located in California is over 4,800 years old!


ROMWE Asymmetric Birds & Trees Print Loose T-shirt – $18.99

ROMWE Asymmetric Birds & Trees Print Loose T-shirt on

I’ve seen this shirt on a few random fashion sites that ship worldwide. Quality can be questionable from these sites, but my money would be to expect Target quality on this piece. The motif of the birds in trees is really lovely, and can look really trendy if paired with skinny black pants and heels.


Twisting Tree Necklace – $14.99

Twisting Tree Necklace on

This is a best seller on ModCloth, and we can see why. The pendant itself is a nice size, 1.5 inches high by 2.5 inches long. It’s a statement piece that is still delicate. If you don’t wear gold, they also have it in silver.


Rachel Roy Tree Print Pencil Skirt – $90

Rachel Roy Tree Print Pencil Skirt on

Only available in sizes 2 through 8, but this skirt is a beautiful example of the way trees can be very fashionably incorporated into a garment.


Ollie & Nic Moving Grin Tote – $32.99

Moving Grin Tote on

This adorable tote reminds me of the song Over the River and Through the Wood. Such a fun print, in modern colors. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s sold by ModCloth.


Tree Of Life Necklace by Kim Fong – $19

Tree of Life Necklace on

We love the delicate, vintage look of this necklace. Kim Fong hand-makes all her pieces, and they ship out from Malaysia. Shipping to the US is only $6. Her shops is really fun to peruse, and includes affordable bridal jewelry.


Hue Tropical Sleek Ponte Leggings – $150

Hue Tropical Sleek Ponte Leggings on

First of all, we didn’t know Hue made such expensive leggings. This is new to us. Secondly, we’re loving the muted tones on these tropical print leggings. They make an otherwise busy legging manageable.


TOMS Grey Palmtree’s Vegan Classics – $54

TOMS Grey Palm Trees Vegan Women's Classics on

If you’re not familiar with TOMS and their One for One program, you can read about it here. TOMS are super popular, especially with the younger crowd. But age shouldn’t matter when buying these, since they support such a good cause.


Antique Brass Distressed Tree Earrings – $39.95

Antique Brass Distressed Tree Earrings on

These earrings by Etsy shop Ostara Moon Jewelry¬†are made to order, and in several other colors than this lilac purple combo. These are leaning towards the Pantone Color of the Year, so we thought we’d include them.

Hey, go hug a tree soon, even if Arbor Day has already passed in the state you live in. They give you oxygen to breath, for goodness sake!

Author: Sarah

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