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Pretty Things: Blue & White Summer Dresses

featured photo credit: peddhapati

Perhaps it’s because I was browsing through pictures of white sand beaches bordered by crystal blue waters this morning, but the blue and white thing is on my mind today. So we’re taking a peek at some blue & white summer dresses. Just to look at them evokes the feeling of warm summer breezes, chilled drinks, and relaxation.


C. Wonder Square Border Sundress – $168

C. Wonder Square Border Guaze Printed Sundress on

Just adorable. I love all the lines created by the square details on this dress. To see it on a model, click thru on the link and check out the black/white version of this dress.


Swinging Watercolors Dress – $65

Swinging Watercolors Dress on

We’re getting into more muted grey-blue’s here, and how comfortable does this dress look? 50% cotton, 50% modal, and perfect for a hot summer day.


Lem Lem Breeze Guaze Patio Dress – $245

Lem Lem Breeze Guaze Patio Dress on

Mexico, anyone? This dress seems way overpriced, but I’m sure there are similar options out there. And what do you think about the strings hanging off the bottom? Deal breaker, or fun-funky detail?


Nikki Rich ‘Humboldt’ Print Trim Dress – $85

Nikki Rich 'Humboldt' Print Trim Dress on

This light and airy cocktail style dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding that falls on the casual side.


Target Belted Maxi Dress – $24.99

Target Belted Maxi Dress on

Love the detail on the neckline on this maxi dress from Target. It’s the little stuff that can add big style.


Free People ‘Terra Nova’ Print Back Cutout Dress – $148

Free People 'Terra Nova' Print Back Cutout Dress on

The fun thing about this dress (for some it’s more of a shirt, and by some, I mean me) is that come fall you can pair it with some denim and boots. Or, if it’s just too short for you, wear some sky blue shorts underneath.

Have fun getting your blue and white on!

Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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