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Natural Calm for Better Sleep

Looking for a natural way to catch some good zzzzz’s?

I’m not sure if this supplement will work for everyone, but it sure works for me. What am speaking of? Natural Calm.

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder | theprettyguineapig.comThough it may look like an illegal stimulant, Natural Calm is most certainly not.

Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement. Did you know that magnesium relaxes our bodies, down to the cellular level? Calcium causes tension, magnesium does the opposite, and these two minerals work together to contract and relax our muscles. Your heart beating? That’s those two crazy kids working together.

But if your calcium levels are higher than your magnesium levels, which is easily the case for a lot of us, our body stays on high alert. Calcium is our on-switch, and when there’s not enough magnesium to push calcium out of our cells, we stay tense, and in fact stressed. But there’s an easy way to get extra magnesium into your body to help keep calcium in check. Enter Natural Calm.

Because it’s highly absorbable, it doesn’t take Natural Calm long to kick in and send you off to dreamland, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve taken anything to sleep. (You can even take it during the day just to relax.) It’s very natural feeling, and upon waking there’s no grogginess (at least not for me). It also provides a very sound night of sleep.

There’s one side note, ahem, that should be addressed. Magnesium can act as a laxative, so it’s best to not just jump into a full serving of this stuff. Starting with a half a teaspoon and working your way up is recommended. Full disclosure, I didn’t experience much disruption from the product.

Natural Calm Directions | theprettyguineapig.comWhat does “comfortably loose bowels” even mean?

One other drawback of Natural Calm for me (no, it has nothing to do with loose bowels) was that drinking it nightly made my already sensitive teeth more sensitive. I’m assuming it’s the citric acid in the supplement doing that. Regardless, I cut my daily use down for that reason, but I still take it on a regular basis.

There are lots of benefits to our bodies from the right levels of magnesium, so whether you get it through food or supplement, don’t underestimate the power of this mineral!

(I couldn’t find any contraindications for the type of magnesium in this supplement (carbonate), but if you take medication or have a medical condition it’s always best to check with your doc prior to starting a new supplement.)


Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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