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A Review of Delizioso Cream Blush

Delizioso Outrageous Natural Cream Blush – $18

Every now and then I enjoy a bit of flush in my cheeks. Not the kind I get from drinking one too many glasses of wine, although that kind of flushing can be fun in it’s own way. But applying a glowing tint to the cheeks can add some life to an otherwise washed out winter countenance.

I recently received a sample of cream blush from a company called Delizioso. They make all natural bath & body products, and they don’t actually create the product until you order it, so the botanical ingredients and oils are fresh when they ship.

A Review of Delizioso Blush |

The Cream Blush has a bright pigment to it, so I wasn’t sure going in that I wouldn’t look like a, shall we say, “lady of the night” upon application. But I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this blush wears. It’s very lightweight, it doesn’t really feel like you’ve applied anything to your skin. There are very few ingredients (but they’re all nourishing!), and it has a yummy scent that reminds me of strawberries with a hint of vanilla.

Delizioso Blush Before & After | reviewed on theprettyguineapig.comAt left, no blush. At right, a subtle application of Delizioso’s Cream Blush.

 This little pot of blush is pricey, $18 for 0.17 ounces. But the ingredients are quality, and little bit goes a long way. I have the feeling this blush will last for months. This is a product I would definitely purchase again, and I look forward to trying other products in the Delizioso lineup!

Delizioso Blush Pigment | theprettyguineapig.comIt looks very pigmented at first, but magically works into skin.

Author: Sarah

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